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Since 1929 Lefere Forge has been a leader and innovator.


Founder Alidor Lefere invented process flow and handling techniques, with forgings from production cells traveling a series of conveyors until cool. Parts then were conveyed through inspection and finally into shipment boxes.

In 1932 Lefere patented the process of putting "reverse draft" on heavy truck wheel hubs. This breakthrough guaranteed Lefere 98% of hub business from all major manufactures including: Dayton-Walther, Kelsey Hayes, Motor Wheel, and Rockwell International.

Lefere had a captive market for this product until the late '70s when many market changes occurred. Aggressive diversification resulted in substantial growth in the '80s and '90s, from less that 10 total accounts to over 100 accounts in all markets today.

Lefere Today

As the fourth generation of Lefere family owners look to the future, they remain committed to long-lasting forging solutions.


New product development and continued diversification with an emphasis on mid- to high-volume work has greatly increased efficiencies and product throughput.

Deliveries from Lefere are second to none. Large inventories of standard grade raw materials provide fast turnaround and piece-of-mind to all customers. At any point in time it is not unusual for steel inventories to exceed ten (10) million pounds.

News Timeline

First Quarter 2007

Lefere has added a second CNC to the die room. This unit is a Toyoda Vertical Machining Center and allows us to machine up to and including the largest die block we use for non-symmetrical parts.


First Quarter 2006

We are pleased to announce that Beth Perez has joined Lefere as CFO and Controller. Beth has a diversified accounting background and is also a CPA.


Third Quarter 2005

Steel surcharge section updated monthly. Current surcharges.


Second Quarter 2005

Lefere Forge captures diversified new businesses in markets including power transmission, petro-chemical valves, large bore diesel pistons and gear blanks.

First Quarter 2005

Lefere Forge is pleased to announce the addition of a Viper V-1500 CNC Vertical Machining Center allowing for additional in house production of dies for parts that are non-symmetrical.


Fourth Quarter 2004

Lefere Forge sales for the fourth quarter concluded at near record levels. Continued growth expected into the first quarter 2005 and beyond.
Royal Lefere (Ike)

Royal Lefere - Chairman, past president and general manager passed away on November 7, 2004. Ike's tenacity and perseverance over his 57 years of service allows the company to flourish into the fourth generation.

Stephen Lefere, Named President

Steve Lefere, 52 elected president following retirement of Maury Lefere. Steve has worked at Lefere his entire career following graduation from Albion College. Formerly VP of Quality, Steve's vision involves aggressive marketing and continued growth.


Maury Lefere, Retires

Maury Lefere, President since 1991, retired August 1, 2003. Also at this time, Al Lefere retired as Vice President, Die Room and Plant Manager. Both Maury and Al spent their entire careers at Lefere Forge. Both remain available for consultation.


2000 Quality Certification to ISO9001:2000 

Lefere Forge is certified to ISO9001:2000. Registrar is AQSR International.

Certification document.


Lefere began an intensive customer and product diversification program. Over this time Lefere grew from less than 10 customers to over 100 active accounts.



Time of company and product realignment and transition.



Many truck hubs converted to castings



Lefere supplied virtually 98% of all truck hubs to North America 


1932 Lefere Forge patents 'Reverse Draft' on Truck Hubs

Lefere Forge patents process for forging hubs eliminating significant machining operations, saving customers thousands of dollars in processing and cost.


1931 Lefere Forge becomes Debt Free

All bank loans are paid off and the company operates debt free.


1929 Lefere Forge is started during the Great Depression

Lefere Forge started by Alidor Lefere. Not afraid to take a chance he starts a hammer forging plant mainly making forged truck hubs and gear blanks.


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