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Efficiency and Innovation are Our Hallmarks

New product development and continued diversification with an emphasis on mid- to high-volume work has greatly increased efficiencies and product throughput.

Deliveries from Lefere are second to none. Large inventories of standard grade raw materials provide fast turnaround and peace-of-mind to all customers. At any point in time it is not unusual for steel inventories to exceed ten (10) million pounds.

Our History

Since 1929 Lefere Forge has been a leader and innovator.

Founder Alidor Lefere invented process flow and handling techniques, with forgings from production cells traveling a series of conveyors until cool. Parts then were conveyed through inspection and finally into shipment boxes.

CNC Machining

In 1932 Lefere patented the process of putting "reverse draft" on heavy truck wheel hubs. This breakthrough guaranteed Lefere 98% of hub business from all major manufactures including: Dayton-Walther, Kelsey Hayes, Motor Wheel, and Rockwell International.

Lefere had a captive market for this product until the late '70s when many market changes occurred. Aggressive diversification resulted in substantial growth in the '80s and '90s, from less that 10 total accounts to over 100 accounts in all markets today.

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